Laser & Facial Treatment Promos

Here at Sunlight Laser Clinic, our knowledgeable team of aestheticians offers our clients a full suite of cosmetic services in the greater Toronto area. Using modern innovations and the latest technology in the industry, our non-surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments help you achieve the results you desire the most.

The Ultimate Rejuvenation Experience

Ready to boost your inner confidence with a safe and effective outward transformation? Our personalized facials and laser treatments focus on your needs and preferences, so you can seamlessly look and feel like the best version of yourself. Is soft, smooth, and clear skin your ultimate beauty goal? Our expert process involves designing a customized treatment approach that addresses any issues or concerns for an individual’s skin type.

Sunlight’s Laser Clinic Deals: Treatment Packages

If you’re looking for a cost-effective investment, consider Sunlight Laser Clinic’s beauty treatment packages.

Try out a new service you’re interested in—or an aesthetic treatment you’ve always dreamed of—with our current laser hair removal deals and facial treatment promos. Get started on your beauty journey or fall back into a regular routine with Sunlight’s exclusive promotions for the season!

Besides our already competitive and affordable rates, we’re offering these cost-saving opportunities for purchased cosmetic treatment packages:

  • Any purchased laser hair removal promo package of six sessions comes with one free session
  • Any purchased facial treatment promo package of three sessions comes with one free session

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Let us help you treat yourself throughout the year with Sunlight’s laser clinic deals. Learn more about our variety of trusted medical-grade services on our website to find the perfect solution that suits your skin care concerns or needs. You can also set up a consultation with our skilled team to help make the right choice. Our one-on-one consultations are always complimentary.

Book an appointment with us via our online contact form, or give us a call at 416-890-3939 and mention our laser hair removal or facial treatment promo. Keep up to date with us—and uncover the best local facial deals and limited-time laser clinic promotions—by following our Facebook or Instagram page. We ensure optimal customer service each time; contact us with any questions.