Preparing Your Skin for Laser Hair Removal: What To Know

If you want silky-smooth skin that lasts, consider laser hair removal. It’s a quick procedure that removes hair follicles so you don’t have to shave.

Laser hair removal is a simple process, but it takes some preparation. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your skin for laser hair removal.

Don’t Pluck or Wax Your Hair

Any plucking or waxing treatments should all come to an end six weeks before your laser removal appointment. These treatments compromise the hair follicle and can damage it. The hair follicle must be close enough to the surface for the laser to take hold for an effective procedure.

Shave 24 Hours Before Your Appointment

You can’t wax or pluck your hair before your appointment, but you should shave 24 hours before. The hair follicles need to be just long enough. Not shaving beforehand increases the chances of burns on the skin’s surface, and the treatment won’t be as effective. Talk to your provider about which areas to shave before your appointment.

Don’t Shave Immediately Before Your Appointment

Shaving on the day of your appointment can be dangerous for your skin. As mentioned above, shaving too close to the treatment will leave the hair follicle too short, and the treatment will be ineffective. Shave the day before, and you’ll be ready for your diode laser hair removal treatment so you’ll never have to shave again!

Shower on the Day of the Appointment

Another important step for preparing your skin for laser hair removal is to clean your skin. Before leaving for your appointment, take a shower to cleanse your skin of dirt and oils. Showering will ensure there’s no lingering residue that might negatively affect the laser hair removal treatment.

Don’t Apply Moisturizers After Showering

After you shave 24 hours before the appointment, you may apply a light moisturizer to replenish your skin. But don’t apply any other moisturizers or products to your skin after you shower on the day of your appointment.

Moisturizers, oils, and creams make the laser hair removal process less effective. You should also avoid applying skincare products like retinoids and salicylic acid. Although they’re great for your skin, avoiding excess products that can affect laser hair removal is vital.

Get ready for long-lasting, smooth skin, and contact Sunlight Laser Clinic to book a laser hair removal appointment today!

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