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Your trusted medical grade laser clinic in Vaughan that provides a full suite of non surgical aesthetic procedures and permanent hair removal treatments with minimal to no downtime.

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Sunlight Laser Clinic

We are a Vaughan-based local laser clinic that provides a full suite of the latest non-surgical aesthetic procedures, facial treatments, and laser hair removal services. We’re here to ensure that you feel and look gorgeous!

At Sunlight Laser Clinic, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing our clients’ confidence and well-being in a professional and safe environment. As an experienced cosmetic clinic, we integrate modern science, up-to-date technology, and personal wellness to offer the best services for customized results.

Give us a call or fill out our online form to book a complimentary consultation with our aesthetician. We will help you find the right type of laser, skin, or facial treatment to achieve the results you desire. Look no further for quality, professionalism, and value—our team is here for you. Whether you’d like to take part in one of our laser hair removal services or any of our other non-surgical aesthetic procedures, we can meet your individual beauty needs and desires.

Our Aesthetic Treatments

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Facial Treatment, Vaughan Aesthetic Clinic

Facial Treatment

Our personalized facial treatments include Advanced Facial for clearing up your pores and naturally enhancing your skin with intense hydration and Aging Facial  where we use professional botanical mixer and natural collagen serum to diminish the look of fine lines for a glowing youthful skin

Laser hair removal, Hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Sunlight laser clinic uses  Diode laser to treat unwanted hair removal. We use Soprano ICE Platinum by Alma for laser hair removal treatments and Spectrum Multi Platform laser/IPL for Facial treatments.

Facial Treatment, Vaughan Ontario


Micro needlining or Dema Pen is a FDA approved device with the tiny needles that rejuvenates your skin. It can help with acne scars, minimizing open pores, stimulating collagen, and tightening skin. 

Skin Discolouration, Acne, Face Acne, Pimples, Vaughan, Ontario


As we age, the collagen and water retention in our skin cells decreases which causes our skin to lose its elasticity. As a result, we get more fine lines and impurities.

Skin Peel, Vaughan Ontario

Skin peels

Peeling is one of most common procedures in cosmetic treatments and one of the most effective treatment for improving skin complexion. 

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Testimonials from Our Customer


I started my laser hair removal with Fariba last year in fall to treat my full legs, bikini, face and under arms. I am so happy with results in 6 treatments. I enjoyed a hair free summer! Thank you Fariba! I have been getting lots of compliments on my smooth skin.

Fara Hodac


I absolutely love the Results. Great Prices and amazing technician. Thanks Fariba! She is professional and deeply cares about her clients. I was initially worried about the hair removal process being painful but it didn’t hurt at all with the Soprano machine she used. I recommend her to anyone who wants to be hair free

Susan Aria


I have gotten laser before with other machines but they were painful and never worked the way I expected. With this machine all of my unwanted hair was completely gone… and fast too! Fariba does an excellent job and the price was very reasonable especially for all the work she does.

Sadaf Mo


I tried other places to get my laser hair removal done but after 8 sessions i didn’t see any good result. When I saw the result a friend of mine had while going to Fariba I thought let’s give it try. I am supper happy with result. after a few sessions my unwanted hair gone and my skin is very smooth and soft now. I am not worried about shaving anymore.

Nili M