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At Sunlight Laser Clinic, we provide a full suite of non-surgical cosmetic procedures using the latest technology to get you the results you desire.

Get a personalized treatment for your skin that’s catered toward the results you desire. Our process is focused on individual’s need and skin type. We offer the best skin care treatments to get you the results that you are looking for, using the latest technology in aesthetics.

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Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment, Vaughan Aesthetic Clinic

Advanced Facial

Ninety minutes facial includes face, décolleté, hand, foot, and scalp massage. This relaxing treatment cleans up clogged pores and removes all the build up dead skin from the top layer of skin.This beneficial treatment also cleans up blackheads and helps skin to absorb our nourishing ingredient to enhance you skin to stay hydrating .

Silk Facial

This facial treatment was specifically designed for instant gratification and flawlessly silky, smooth skin. Silk facial treatment gives immediate appearance of silky smooth skin, reduction of fine lines within 30 minutes, and also restores ideal PH balance.

It also acts as a protective shield against oxidative stress, strengthens the connective tissue by increasing the formation of collagen, promotes healthy growth of fresh cells, and dissolves irregularity in fatty acids. 35% reduction in fine lines within 3 months.

Anti-Aging Facial

By using professional Dermalogica replenishing botanical mixer we help to stimulate and hydrate dry, lacklustre skin. This natural collagen repair serum is diminishing the appearance of fine lines and dull skin for achieving youthful glow.

Back Facial

For those who are suffering from back acne and dark spot recommended to get back facial. This treatment is begin with deep cleans and extraction and then customized with soothing mask to back your skin on track.

Sunlight laser clinic uses Soprano ICE and Soprano ICE Platinum by Alma for laser hair removal treatments and IPL for Facial treatments.

Our new Soprano ICE Platinum is a cutting edge technology with 3 wavelengths (Alexandrite, ND-Yag and Diode laser) works on all skin types (and safe for any colour). Soprano laser machine uses low energy but higher frequency that calls into motion method which makes the treatment faster and painless. It kills the hair root overtime instead of just one shot. Soprano ICE Platinum is safe for any skin type and even tan skin.

Micro needling or Derma pen, FDA approved, is a device with the tiny needles for skin rejuvenation. This is non ablative and safe procedure that helps with acne scars, minimizing open pores, stimulating collagen, and tightening skin. It uses small needles to create micro injuries on skin in order to stimulate collagen production, and also let beneficial products and serum to be effectively absorbed by skin. Sunlight clinic normally uses Hyaluronic serum or whitening Ampoule.

We also uses micro needling and one of the best product from UK for hair loss treatment and hair restoration. 

Comfortable treatment, suits for all type of skin, removes acne scar, removes stretch mark, has a short down time, stimulates collagen, improves appearance of uneven skin tone.

A Diamond Microdermabrasion machine has a few different tips that work stones with various intensities from soft to hard, in order to scrub the dead layers of the skin. It includes a suction that works like a vacuum to suck up dead cells.

If you have dull, uneven skin tone, Microdermabrasion is the best treatment for you! It is a non-invasive, light treatment that removes dry and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin while giving the skin more glow and luminosity. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical way of exfoliating, which can be combined with other exfoliating techniques (i.e. chemical peel). What is the good about Microdermabrasion is that it is safe for any skin type.

As we age, the collagen and water retention in our skin cells decreases, causing our skin to lose its elasticity. As a result, we get more fine lines and impurities. AquaClean facial system is used to clean the face from congestion and infuse new skin cells through 3 steps: 

1) Liquid cleanse Aqua foliation removes extra oil in the sebum gland and kills bacteria in the skin’s pores. 
2) Salicylic Acid solution is used to loosen and remove blackheads, dead skin cells and other impurities.
3) Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes and replenishes the skin for deep hydrating and glowing by infusing liquid vitamins and hyaluronic Acids.

Peeling is one of most common procedures in cosmetic treatments and one of the most effective treatment for improving skin complexion. Sunlight laser clinic is proud to perform cosmetic grade professional peels from HL skin care line:

WHITE PEEL is delivered from milk helps with cell renewal, skin luminosity, increases moisture levels of the skin, and maintains its elasticity. Recommended for all skin type, also suitable for eye contour area.


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